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Thanis Dentyrgrim

Thanis Dentyrgrim

Born just outside of Glenmoorloch, in the Principality of Klantyre, Thanis's has always been wise beyond his years. As a youth, Thanis had many instructors who taught him the rudiments of magic along with other basic knowledge, and he excelled in the arts of wizardry far more than anyone could have expected. Seeking the true secrets of spellcraft, Thanis decided to travel to the Great School of Magic in Glantri City to grow his magical talent. Thanis has always looked at those less enlightened than himself, which means almost everyone, with a kind of paternal warmth. This ability to bestow sage advice to all he encountered led him to seek entry to the Shepherds of Rad ranks. He rose quickly within the organization and hopes one day to become a High Shepherd, a leader of his own Temple of Rad. Thanis respects people who possess magical skills, but thinks of all others (including his family back home) as lesser.

During one recent research session at the Great School of Magic Thanis was attempting to expand his magical knowledge. He received an invitation to study within someone titled the “Headmaster”. Thanis had heard of whispers within the halls of the school about this Headmaster and the lost arcane he possessed. Intrigued Thanis followed the instructions on the invitation and went into the depths of the Great School of Magic where he discovered a magical gate that brought himself to a place known as the Dweomercore. Almost immediately Thanis realized the danger this shadowy school posed to both himself and others that found themselves lured there. As he attempted to find a way out of the faux school he ran afoul of the Headmaster and was baleful polymorphed into a chicken. That was the last thing he remembered before being rescued by the west side six. After he was successfully returned to the surface Thanis has been troubled by those that remained behind in the Dweomercore, those innocent ones that were lured there and were in over their heads and those that came seeking knowledge they shouldn’t possess. He has resolved himself to seek out the adventurers that rescued him and impress upon them the importance of returning to the Dweomercore and dealing with the dangers that lurk there.

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