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The Forgotten Forge Northern Catacombs

Northern Catacombs

Constantine continues to struggle against the will of the Deathlock sisters; his holy symbol shining brightly with the cleansing light of Terra. Eelco and Hiscubo close in on the cowering undead and let loose with their remaining magic to end their existence. As the last sister crumbles into dust everyone breathes a sigh of relief.

"Is everyone okay?" asks Kolivan

"I'm fine," replies almost everyone in unison.

"Where is Artair?" asks Erhi. "He fled at the outset of the battle and I haven't seen him since."

"He ran past me in the heat of the moment," replies Constantine. "I couldn't stop him and help you in the battle, so I hoped he wouldn't roam far or encounter anything in his path."

"Okay, gather everything of value and tend to everyone's injuries," says Kolivan. "If he is lost, then we must find him but we will do so ready for battle if need be."

"I have precious little magic left to defend us," says Hiscubo.

"Same," replies Eelco. "If we encounter anything we will be hard pressed."

"Then let us find him quickly and quietly," says Erhi. "Then return to the surface to discern the providence of these creatures and their treasures."

The companions quickly gather the tomb's treasures and heal their injuries as best they can. Kolivan leads them past the cursed door once more and out into the catacombs to find Artair.

Sometime later...

Kolivan steps into a small chamber with three other egress' besides the one he and his companions enter from. Artair steps from the concealment of a cluster of stalagmites to greet his companions with a smile. His smile fades quickly as several Bugbears cautiously enter from another of the chamber's egress' with a Shadow Elf at the center of their formation. The Shadow Elf leans heavily upon an admantine staff with one end shaped like a spider. The Bugbears stand menacingly with their weapons brandished, their eyes darting back and forth between Artair by himself and Kolivan and the rest of the group. The tense moment is broken by the haughty voice of the Shadow Elf speaking in Oenkmarian.

"Peace adventurers," says the Shadow Elf. "Their is no reason for bloodshed."

Hiscubo moves to the fore and replies.

"May Rafiel guide us toward peace," replies Hiscubo in Shattenalfen as he pulls back his hood and stands shoulder to shoulder with Kolivan.

The other Shadow Elf bows toward Hiscubo with an exaggerated bow, never taking his eyes off the party.

"I am honored Shaman," says the Shadow Elf in Shattenalfen. "I am Nezznar the Black Spider. Who do I have the priviledge of addressing?"

"I am Hiscubo Shronvrur of Alfmyr," replies Hiscubo. "These are my companions."

Hiscubo points to Artair.

"That one is Artair Caird of Klantyre," continues Hiscubo as he places a hand on Kolivan's shoulder. "This is Kolivan, servant of Mitra, Constantine Lazaar of Fenswick, Eelco Willehagen of Bergdhoven and Erhi of Clan Kassar of the Kaeruts."

"Hail and well met," says Nezznar in Glantrian. "I am honored to meet such valued companions of a Shaman."

Kolivan steady gaze has not left the interlopers since their arrival and with his suspicions confirmed he takes a step forward.

"I cannot say the same Nezznar," replies Kolivan. "You surround yourself with the immoral and unjust."

Nezznar feigns indignity at the accusation.

"You wound me champion of Mitra," says Nezznar. "To imply that my retainers are immoral or unjust is just plain rude."

The largest Bugbear steps next to Nezznar and growls to him in Oenkmarian.

"They look weak," says the Bugbear. "Enough talk, we should kill them now and take their belongings."

"Silence!" sneers Nezznar in Oenkmarian. "Or I shall silence you!"

Nezznar regains his composure before addressing the party once more.

"Hiscubo," says Nezznar in Glantrian. "I seek no conflict with you or your companions. I seek only information."

"What kind of information?" replies Erhi as she steps forward in an attempt bring the encounter to a peaceful resolution.

"Ah such a beauty in these dark halls," says Nezznar with a wicked smile that makes Erhi's skin crawl. "I seek three thieves, three Dwarf brothers that have betrayed my trust and are attempting to steal something that I desire. Have you seen them recently? We have tracked them to this section of the Wizard Warrens but alas have lost their trail."

"We will not help you Nezznar," says Kolivan before Erhi can reply. "You are just as immoral as your retainers and I will not help you accomplish anything you desire."

Nezznar laughs at Kolivan's rebuke.

"Well I cannot argue with you servant of Mitra," replies Nezznar. "I am after all called the "Black Spider", a moniker earned for my moral turpitude."

The large Bugbear growls once more to Nezznar.

"Enough talking!" says the Bugbear as he steps forward snarling.

Nezznar's veneer of civility drops suddenly and he intones a short arcane phrase. Kolivan and his companions draw their weapons and prepare for battle. Nezznar's spell leaps from his finger in a ray of negative energy and strike the large Bugbear squarely in the back. The Bugbear's face becomes a twisted visage of anquish as he drops dead to the floor a few feet from Kolivan. The rest of the bugbears stare nervously between the party and Nezznar. The Shadow Elf regains his posture and takes a deep breath before settling his gaze back toward the party.

"Now where were we?" asks Nezznar. "Ah I remember, three dwarf brothers. Have you seen them?"

Hiscubo speaks in Shattenalfen

"My companion has stated he will not brook with your ilk and I will respect his wishes," says Hiscubo.

Nezznar sighs a long exasperated sigh.

"Very well Shaman," says Nezznar. "For the peace of Rafiel I shall accept your words. This is the only mercy I shall give to your companions. I hope that you shall not show yourself to be a Green Elf if our paths cross again."

Nezznar takes another exaggerated bow towards the party before ordering his retainers to exit the chamber via the path unobstructed by either Artair or the party. They recede into the darkness and leave the party alone in the wizard warrens...



  • 429 Ducats
  • 1170 Sovereigns
  • Azurite Gems x4 (10 dc ea.) (40 dc total.)
  • Half Plate Armor (300 dc)
  • Longsword (7 dc 5 sp)
  • Mwk Half Plate Armor (450 dc)
  • Heavy Steel Shield (10 dc)
  • Mwk Heavy Pick (154 dc)
  • Mwk Light Crossbow (167 dc 5 sp)
  • Hand of the Mage (450 dc)
  • Bracers of Armor +1 (500 dc)
  • Phylactery of Faithfulness (500 dc)
  • Ring of Climbing (1,250 dc)
  • Wand of Charm Person 23c (172 dc 5 sp)
  • Scroll of Knock ( 75 dc)
  • Scroll of Cause Fear and Divine Favor (25 dc)
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