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The Forgotten Forge Western Arcana Chambers

Western Arcana Chambers

Hiscubo paced back and forth in the small treasure chamber, the continued Alarm spell's ringing beginning to irritate him. His companions had only been gone for an hour, not enough time to reach the city above and find help to free him from the chamber he is trapped it. The distant sound of the crypt's unique door lock being opened echoes forth, damping the Alarm sound for a blessed few moments. Whatever was coming into the room was at least intelligent enough to work the complex mechanism; a threat if it proved hostile. The sound of the inner door lock being opened continued to drown out the Alarm sound, at least this encounter proved to have a silver lining. Light spilled into the room and the sound of approaching footsteps echoes in the crypt. Hiscubo moves to the dark corner of the treasure chamber. If these beings are hostile then they would have to pass through the trapped archway to attack him and hopefully the Phantasmal Killer spell that warded against trespassers would do it job and he wouldn't have to fight them. The light from the lantern flooded into the small treasure chamber and Hiscubo heard a faint whisper in a familiar voice.

"Hiscubo?" whispers Artair.

"Artair?" replies Hiscubo. "What are you doing back here?"

"We ran into a problem with Shaesarrath," says Artair.

Hiscubo moves from his hiding spot and sees Artair standing before the portal with his lantern shining brightly. He raises his hands to shield his eyes from the light.

"Do you mind?" asks Hiscubo.

"Sorry," apologizes Artair as he places the lantern on the ground. 

The sound of the crypt's doors being closed echoes throughout the chamber.

"Who is that?" asks Hiscubo.

"Kolivan," replies Artair. "He was just making sure nothing was following us."

Kolivan closes the inner crypt door and moves to stand beside Artair a forlorned look on his face.

"You said there was a problem with Shaesarrath?" says Hiscubo. "Why do you look as if someone died?"

"We don't know why," begins Kolivan. "But Shaesarrath was talking with us. We were explaining how you were trapped in a chamber off of the Magewright's crypt. She seemed interested in help but said she lacked anything in her hoard that might help and didn't possess the magic necessary to free you."

"Yea," says Artair. "Then her demeanor changed. She begin to ask where you were. What kind of treasure was in the crypt and so forth. Something felt off..."

"She then began to climb the wall of the tower like a spider," says Kolivan. "Walked up it like any of us walks on the ground. When she was firmly out of reach she turned her head back toward us and flashed a wicked smile and then breathed a cloud of gas on us."

"She attacked us!" exclaims Artair. "That damn Quasit appeared from thin air behind us and attacked us at the same time. The cloud of gas slowed most of us and she began to fly about the chamber tearing at us with tooth and claw. Eelco nearly died and Constantine was poisoned by the Quasit."

"Even with the element of surprise," says Kolivan. "Mitra was with us. We defeated her and she tried to flee."

"Did she escape?" asks Hiscubo. 

"No," replies Artair with a small chuckle. "For all her ferocity and cunning, a door ended up killing her."

"A door?" asks Hiscubo with an incredulous look on his face.

Kolivan nodded.

"She would have escaped us," says Kolivan. "Except Constanine was able to use the most minor of cantrip to slam the door she was about to flee through in her face. That brief moment was all we needed to close to within range and finish her. Her final act of defiance sealed her fate regardless of our actions. She breathed a stream of acid on several of us. Eelco was nearly slain from the attack but it also damaged the contents of the tower."

"Yea the Shield Guardian arrived to take out the trash," says Artair. "But not before I cut her damn head off!"

"I don't understand it though," says Kolivan. "Why did she turn on us?"

"It's likely she played us all for fools Kolivan," replies Hiscubo. "She was probably lying about her entire situation and when you all arrived before her injured and many of your spells expended, she took that moment to end her ruse."

"But why the ruse in the first place?" asks Kolivan.

"I don't know why she did what she did," replies Hiscubo. "But what I learned of her kind is that they are tricksters and pranksters. They aren't normally malicious but it is obvious now that she is the exception to her ilk."

"I don't understand why I didn't detect her evil intentions," says Kolivan. "Or notice her lies."

"There are many types of magic that can obfuscate your divine powers," replies Hiscubo. "Don't take it to heart, she fooled all of us, myself included. I spent time and energy into trying to find a way to free her from her "prison". Seems we all wanted her lies to be true, this way we could have been the ones to free a trapped dragon. It was a noble gesture that proved to misguided this time. Though that won't always be the case."

"Aye," replies Kolivan. "We just wanted to make sure you were still safe. Artair and I are going to spend the time moving Shaesarrath's hoard here while the others go to the surface and find what we need to free you. Just sit tight and try not to let that sound drive you insane in the meantime."

Hiscubo had almost forgotten about the Alarm spell continually echoing in the small chamber...



  • 100 Crowns
  • 2,069 Ducats
  • 9,420 Sovereigns
  • 5,300 Pennies
  • Hematite (8 dc)
  • Rhodochrosite x7 (1 dc ea.) (7 dc total)
  • Freshwater Pearl (6 dc)
  • Moss Agate ( 8 dc)
  • Malachite (13 dc)
  • Pink Pearl ( 100 dc)
  • Black Pearl (500 dc)
  • Deep Blue Spinel (600 dc)
  • Violet Garnet (500 dc)
  • Violet Garnet (625 dc)
  • White Opal (1,000 dc)
  • Full Plate Armor (750 dc)
  • Mwk Greataxe (160 dc)
  • Mwk Greatsword (175 dc)
  • Arcane Scroll of Magic Weapon and Melf's Acid Arrow (87 dc 5 sp)
  • Arcane Scroll of Undetectable Alignment, Daze Monster and Levitate (175 dc )
  • Divine Scroll of Magic Fang (12 dc 5 sp)
  • Divine Scroll of Barkskin and Gentle Repose (150 dc)
  • Potion of Cure Light Wounds (25 dc)
  • Potion of Jump (25 dc)
  • Gauntlets (Unidentified)
  • Wand (Unidentified)
  • A Pair of Lenses (Unidentified)
  • Ring (Unidentified)
  • Belt (Unidentified)
  • Gloves (Unidentified)
  • Cloak (Unidentified)
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