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The Forgotton Forge Eastern Common Chambers

Eastern Common Chambers

15 Thaumont 802 - "Let it be known that on this day, in the year 882, the dwarves of the Dulgar family of the Syrklist Clan, led by Wharlum Manfriend, have claimed the eastern chambers of House Moriamis former holdfast as their new Siege. May Kagyar watch over them and bless their endeavors from this day until their last."

7 Vatermont 805 - "All work has been completed and the Siege is at last fortified. The exploration of the other House Moraimis chambers have begun, as well as the construction of stairs to Braejr proper and into the depths of the Wizard Warrens."

19 Eirmont 807 - "The former holdings of the Arcanist of House Moriamis to the west are deemed to be off limits. The dwellings within and the guardians in service to the Arcanist are to be respected. This is the word of Wharlum Manfriend and is beyond contestation."

11 Sviftmont 811 - "Early reports of gold to be had in Braejr are true but the real discovery is that the gold located deep in the Warrens is but a herald to the true wealth to be found. The veins of gold here are interwoven with veins of Mithral!"

3 Felmont 814 - "The first yeilds of Mithral are taken from the depths and brought to the surface. The mage-lords of Braejr are eager for the substance, profits are excellent and the demand grows for more."

25 Ambyrmont 820 - "The plague burning across the countryside has finally taken root in the city above. The humans and elves of the land suffer greatly but we dwarves seem to be mostly inured against its effects. The losses to our ranks are but one in ten while more than half of the humans and elves that contract the plague die from its effects."

13 Yarthmont 825 - "Almost all contact with the surface has been cut. The dwarf hunts have become too much of a danger to risk continued trade. The fears of the people have manifested in the belief that we dwarves are to blame for the plague. We must be immune from its effects because we are the carriers. There are almost no dwarves left in lands; they have either been slain or have fled in fear. Wharlum Manfriend has refused to abandon the family's claim on the Mithral Mines below regardless of the danger. May Kagyar protect us."

8 Nuwmont 828 - "Orcs from depths of the Wizard Warrens have overran our last outpost near the mines. We have retreated to the Siege to make our final stand. If this is to be our end then we shall make it the end of the orcs as well. May Kagyar welcome us in the afterlife."

Constantine closes the book on the altar with a thump releasing a cloud of dust into the ruined temple. The magic of his comprehend language beginning to fade.

"That was the last entry," says Constantine. "It seems that Kagyar did indeed welcome them"

A snide snicker echoes softly in the temple causing everyone to ready their weapons.

"They were welcomed by death, nothing more," replies a voice in celestial. "A death you will share soon enough."

"Show yourself Imp!" yells Kolivan into the air. "Or ar you too cowardly to make good on your threats."

High pitched giggling is Kolivan's only response.

"He's gone." says Eelco Willehagen. "The aura I assume is his invisibility is only a lingering one. I will do my best to stay vigilant but there is little we can do about the Imp at the moment."

"Agreed," replies Erhi. "I say we continue to investigate these ruins. The book did say they were a wealthy band of dwarves in possession of a good amount of Mithral."

The larcenous smile on her face causes everyone to shake their head.

"I doubt the Orcs left any of that behind," says Hiscubo. "This place has been sacked ages ago and even if the orcs didn't take everything then the many other denizens over the centuries did."

"Well even if that is true," says Erhi. "They did say the crafted stairs to the surface and into the Warrens. I say we find both for future forays."

"True enough," replies Kolivan. "Let us continue. At the very least maybe we might draw the Imp out and be rid of it once and for all."

"I don't think so..." whispers a voice in celestial. 

The sound of the voice trails off as if withdrawing from the area. Kolivan tightens the grip on his axe and moves to the center of the temple and stands at the ready while his companions continue to search the structure.



  • 90 cr
  • 440 dc (200 used for Identify)
  • 1,500 sp
  • Leather Armor (5 dc) (Sold)
  • Buckler (7 dc 5 sp) (Sold)
  • Mwk Rapier (160 dc) (Sold)
  • Mwk Hand Crossbow (200 dc) Hiscubo
  • Brooch of Shielding 101c (750 dc) Artair
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