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The Lost Level

The Lost Level

The smell of brimstone still hangs in the air as the last of the demons are slain; banished back to the depths of the Abyss. The Companions and their Duergar allies pause to take stock of the situation after the brutal melee. Skella Ironeye calls to her Cleric retainer.

"How fares my armsmen?" asks Skella.

"They no longer seem bewitched by the demon's magic and their wounds are superficial", replies the cleric. "It should only be a moment before I can heal their wounds."

"Good," says Skella as she turns to the companions. "Shall we inspect my ancestor's remains?"

"We shall give you a moment with him," replies Sir Urik. "We don't wish to intrude and anger his spirit."

Skella walks toward the sarcophagus and places her hands upon the rim of the open lid. She looks are the mummified remains and cocks her head to one side. 

"It's funny," says Skella. "I have always felt a part of me was incomplete. My mother was ostracized for her union with my father so I didn't have any contact with her kin. I felt that if I could somehow find this place and recover the mantle of the clan I could prove they were wrong to shun her."

Skella's hands tremble as she reachs out to touch the hand of her Great Grandfather, King Melair.

"I wish I could have met you," whispers Skella her hand resting on the King's.

Skella eyes the remains and takes note of the contents. King Melair was interred in plain burial robes. A sturdy leather belt adorned with symbols of Kagyar and Garal Glitterlode wraps around his waist. He clutches an adamantine warpick and shield rests upon his legs.

"I see no crown," says Skella with disappointment in her voice. "Just a belt, a warpick and a shield."

"I would recommend the belt at the very least," says Renard.

"The warpick was displayed in the tapestry prior to this room," says Kolivan. "It could bear a significance as well."

"There could be any number of combinations that might give you the mantle of "King" of these halls," interjects Eelco. "Best to take everything and return what isn't germane."

"Come Skella," says Sir Urik. "Let us pray to your ancestors and ask forgiveness for our actions. Hopefully the King and the Immortals will understand your need and give you leave to recover these relics of King Melair. If your heart is true I believe you will be granted their consent."

The pair join hands with the other companions and Sir Urik begins to pray. As he finishes there is a silence that seems to carry on forever. Skella takes a step forward and as her hand reaches out the halls begin to tremble and shake, dust and dirt falling from the ceiling causing everyone to steady themselves lest the fall. Then it ceases as quickly as it came.

"Is that a yes or a no?" asks Eelco brushing the dirt from his robes.

"We shall find out," replies Skella as she takes the warpick from the grasp of King Melair...

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