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The Salvation of Umbraxakar

The Salvation of Umbraxakar

Over one hundred and sixty years ago a scion of The Moonstar Family fell from grace. Once a minor noble and noted explorer, he was corrupted and became an infamous servant of the Immortal Nyx. Vanrak's acts against the realm earned him the enimity of the Council of Princes. The Princes acted immediately and sent the Constabulary to arrest him, but upon forcing entry into the villa, he and his followers had vanished. For decades he and his cult struck at his family, the city and any enemies of Nyx in a bloody reign of terror. The Moonstar Family called on their greatest ally, a Very Old Bronze Dragon named Glyster to bring Vanrak to justice. Glyster happily agreed to travel into the depths of the Wizard Warrens to find his one time companion and friend; saving him or ending his acts of evil once and for all. Even this proved futile, for Glyster never returned. It later became known that Glyster had succumbed to the same corruption of Vanrak and was transformed into the Shadow Dragon known as Umbraxakar. The shame of Vanrak's actions and the sorrow of the loss of such a noble soul such as Glyster has always haunted the leaders of the Moonstar Family. The current Matriarch of the family, far advanced in years, has sought out a band of powerful adventurers to correct this injustice. She has beseeched them to free Umbraxakar from the influence of Nyx... or failing that to bring an end to his existence.

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