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The Transmuter's Last Touch

The Transmuter's Last Touch

The passage that the Kobolds were encountered lead off into a series of natural caverns. Unlike the other passages under Goodwife Tazra's home, these weren't recent excavation if they ever were. As Artair and Kolivan took the lead, Artair's torch barely enough light to hold the darkness of the caverns at bay. They both advanced cautiously with Erhi and Eelco behind them, with Constantine and Hiscubo trailing behind them all.

"How far do you think it goes?" asks Artair.

"Hopefully far enough that we can find another means to the surface," replies Kolivan. "I wish to honor Goodwife Tazra's wishes but it would be nice to have a means to return to the warrens easily."

Artair knelt at an intersection and inspected the ground. He wasn't a tracker by any means but he did possess the most aptitude at noticing small details such as tracks left behind by men and monsters alike.

"I think the Kobolds came from this way," says Artair. "I can't be sure but the other passages don't seem to have any tracks I can detect."

"Well I can see to the end of the right passage," says Hiscubo. "Unless there is a concealed door or passage down there it is a dead end. The left passage not so much, it turns sharply. After that I can't say."

"We should check every path," says Constantine. "We don't want to have something surprise us from behind."

"Normally I'd agree," says Eelco. "But it's a maze down here. We are bound to be surprised by something at some point. "Let's take the passages that bear Kobold sign and at least find where they are based before exploring."

"I agree," replies Erhi. "Let's seek the known before we tarry with the unknown. I for one would like to be sure to attend the trial of the two bastards that killed Lucia."

"Okay," says Kolivan. "This way then."

Kolivan leads the party deeper into the Wizard Warrens.

Sometime Later...

The passage widens ahead and the formation of Flowstone and stalagmites dominate the eastern section of the chamber. An obvious exit in the east wall turns abruptly south but the remains of a few hapless explorers draw the focus of the party.

"What are they?" asks Erhi.

"They look like a few dead bodies," replies Artair. "What do you feel Kolivan?"

Kolivan closes his eyes and extends his consciousness toward the chamber ahead, feeling for any hint of malevolence. The chamber is devoid of any sensations of evil.

"They are not possessed of any malevolence is all I can say for sure," replies Kolivan. "I think it is safe for us to investigate."

"Wait," interjects Artair. "Let me search the area for traps."

Artair cautiously advances on the closest corpse and checks it and the surrounding area for traps. The corpse has been dead for quite some time and the enviroment has not been kind to its gear save a buckler made from a particularly lightweight wood. Erhi sighs impatiently and then steps forward to the next corpse and begins to search it for valuables.

"We can check the rest of the bodies," says Erhi as she digs through the corpse's gear.

Constantine and Eelco move into the chamber and spread out to watch for any dangers, while Kolivan advances to the eastern exit. 

"Are you coming Hiscubo?" says Constantine.

"We were told to wait by our trapspringer," replies Hiscubo. "I was at least paying attention, even if our impatient songbird wasn't."

Artair turns to look at Hiscubo.

"You might as well enter now," says Artair. "Erhi proved the corpses weren't trapped by virtue of her actions. I glad someone was paying attention and in the future I hope we can all curb our impulses."

Artair then rests his gaze on Erhi as he finishes his admonishment. Erhi looks back at him and shrugs her shoulders before holding aloft a small wrapped leather bundle.

"I found some masterworked thieves tools," say Erhi. "Didn't do this poor fellow anygood. Do you want them or not?"

"Of course I do," replies Artair. "but you know what I mean."

Hiscubo moves toward the flowstone and stalagmites. His keen vision sees a figure standing motionless just beyond a tight passageway obscured by the rocks. He is just about to warn his friends when he realizes that the figure is a life sized statue.

"Look here," says Hiscubo. "There is a side passage and a chamber of worked stone beyond."

Hiscubo moves cautiously ahead, easily slipping past the tight and slippery flowstone. The chamber beyond has a door with a bais relief cut into it. The door is flanked on either side by very life-like statues. The door depicts a morbid scene. A robed and hooded man administers a potion to an enshrouded, skeletal corpse that lies upon a bier. Behind them, an open sarcophagus awaits its eternal charge. The statue on the left is a replica of the hooded man on the door and the right side statue is that of the skeletal corpse, complete with an open jaw; as if though screaming in silence. The rest of party finally pulls themselves through the narrow passage and takes in the macabre scene.

"It looks like a ritual of purification," says Constantine.

"Yes," replies Hiscubo. "The clergy of Marwdyn if I had to guess."

"I'll check the door and statues for traps," says Artair. "Everyone mantain their distance until I'm done."

Artair shoots Erhi a accusing glance.

"Who me?" replies Erhi feigning ignorance.

Artair studies the door intently, running his fingers along the seam attempting to find a way to open it. After a few moments it becomes clear to him the door's purpose.

"This door is false," says Artair. "There is no way to open it."

"The clergy of Marwdyn would have concealed an entrance of their holy sites with a puzzle of sorts," replies Constantine.

"True," says Hiscubo. "Though I don't think this one is particularly difficult."

Hiscubo unslings his waterskin and approaches the skeletal statue. He uncorks the skin and pours the contents down the open jaw of the statue. The sounds of clicks and whirls begin to resound behind the statue and suddenly a door swings open alongside it. The corridor beyond turns abruptly, just past a small basin mounted in the wall. He then gestures to the party to enter...



  • 42 Ducats
  • 44 Pennies
  • Darkwood Buckler (102 dc 5 sp) (2.5#) (Artair)
  • Mwk Studded Leather (162 dc 5 sp) (20#) (Sold)
  • Mwk Thieves Tools (50 dc) (2#) (Artair)
  • Simple Lock (10 dc) (1#) (Sold)
  • Bone Dice x10 (5 pennies ea.) (5 sp total) (Sold x8)
  • Chalk x5 (Party)
  • Mwk Gong (120 dc) (40#) (Sold)
  • Mwk Small Heavy Mace (156 dc) (4#) (Sold)
  • Mwk Alchemical Silver Dagger (161 dc) (1#) (Eelco)
  • Small Throwing Axe (4 dc) (1#) (Sold)
  • Small Chain Shirt (50 dc) (12.5#) (Sold)
  • Small Leather Armor x10 (5 dc ea.) (50 dc total) (7.5# ea.) (75# total) (Abandoned)
  • Small Spears x10 (1 dc ea.) (10 dc total) (3# ea.) (30# total) (Abandoned)
  • Green Everburning Torch (55 dc) (3#) (Erhi)
  • Small Longsword (7 dc 5 sp) (2#) (Sold)
  • Small Light Crossbow (17 dc 5 sp) (2#) (Sold)
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