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Northhaledon Gaming

North Haledon Gaming Group

"North Haledon Gaming Group is a bunch of friends that gather weekly to enjoy each other's company and experience the fun of table top RPG's. We meet every friday and every other saturday. The games we play vary from time to time but have included Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Star Wars, Battletech, Dark Heresy, Deathwatch, Rogue Trader, Shadowrun as well as various board games. We have added many players to our group over the years and have seen an equal share go but are always interested in the possibility of adding more players to the table. If you have found your way to our site and are interested in an opening contact me at with an email with the title "North Haledon Gaming". If you are just visiting for the stories or lore I have created on the site feel free to stay and enjoy our gaming history." -Anthony Giacin, Game Master.